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Front door of houseSugar Grove is a growing village in northeast Illinois. According to the United States Census taken in the year 2010, the population of the village was 8,997. Sugar Grove is less than 60 miles away from downtown Chicago. Families, individuals and couples who are looking at Sugar Grove Real Estate will find many things to like in the community.

The area in and around Sugar Grove was populated by Native Americans. In 1834, the first European Americans moved to the area. As time progressed, trees were cut down and land was cultivated for farming. Sugar Grove slowly began to grow as people and jobs came to the area. Eventually, a railroad came to the village and connected Sugar Grove to Chicago and other surrounding areas. In 1957, Sugar Grove became incorporated. Sugar Grove holds the distinction of being the first Midwest community to have women serve in the fire department.

Sugar Grove has an abundance of parks in and around the community. One of the most popular parks in the area is Sugar Grove Sports Complex. It has large playground for kids to enjoy. There is a park for dogs to be off their leashes and to run around. The in the Sugar Grove Sports Complex is a pavilion for people to have lunch or a picnic. A concession stand has additional food to purchase. There are four fields in which to play ball and the facility has hosted various tournaments over the years. Other popular parks in the area include Windsor Pointe Park, Carson Slough Park, Rolling Oaks Park and Black Walnut Park.

The community recently opened the Sugar Grove Senior Center for senior citizens. The Center has various activities for folks to do. Clubs in the village include Sugar Grove Library Friends and Sugar Grove Historical Society. Sugar Grove has many biking paths and trails for people of all ages to enjoy in and around the village. In fact, some trails connect to other communities. Popular trails include Illinois Prairie Path, Virgil L. Gilman Trail, Fox River Trail and Randall Road Trail. In addition to bike trails, there are many paths go in and around the village including Windsor West and Hannaford Farm.

The village of Sugar Grove is a community that has experienced growth over the past few years. Sugar Grove Real Estate is being developed as individuals, families and jobs come to the expanding area.

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