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Dining room in a summer cottageNorth Aurora is a growing village in the state of Illinois. It is about 35 miles west of Chicago. According to the United States Census, which was most recently taken in 2010, North Aurora had a population of 16,760. North Aurora Real Estate has plenty of possibilities for people and businesses who are considering on moving to the area.

Originally, folks knew the village of North Aurora as Schneider’s Mill. John Schneider, an immigrant from the area around Frankfurt, Germany, was a European American settler who came to the North Aurora area in 1834. Over time, Schneider, who was a carpenter by trade, constructed a sawmill. This was especially beneficial since there was an abundance of woods in the area. In addition to the mill, he constructed a dam on the Fox River. Eventually, a railroad came through the area and folks living in North Aurora were connected to Chicago and other nearby towns and villages. More people moved to the area and businesses began to spout up as folks purchased North Aurora Real Estate. Despite infrastructure and development, North Aurora lagged behind other communities in terms of schools, stores and other community necessities. In the 1990s, North Aurora made a plan to expand their community and become attractive for businesses and people to come to the area. Since the plan began, the area of North Aurora has grown rapidly as a number of people and businesses moved to the community.

One of the biggest events of the year in North Aurora is North Aurora Days. Held in the early part of August, North Aurora Days has a number of activities for people of all ages. Run for the Riverfront is a popular activity for many people. The run can be either 5K or 10K and is for people of all ages including youth and kids. People from around the village and local communities come to see a car, truck and bike show. In addition to this, there is an emergency vehicle show. Beer and wine enthusiasts can enjoy the Wine & Beer Tasting area. Other big events at North Aurora Days include the Fishing Derby, Baggo Classic, concerts by a variety of musicians and entertainers and more.

North Aurora is a community that has made incredible growth over the past 20 years. People and businesses are coming to live North Aurora for a number of great reasons.

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